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What can we do for you?

Anything you need! We have a list of our services here, but we can do even more! We will work with you to address all of your needs and create the perfect website for you, your company, your pet, etc.!

Domain Name Registration, Servers, and Email

Don’t know where to begin? We will help you decide on the best domain name for your site, register it with the appropriate authorities, set up a server for you, and set up your email accounts.

Responsive Website Design & Development

Our websites are now all designed to be responsive across all devices. This means that your site will be functional and beautiful on desktop computers, phones, and tablets. We use a variety of platforms to build our sites, including WordPress and Drupal. Our sites are also built to be SEO-friendly, helping your site to be found by those who seek it.


A good logo is essential to any business or individual. Our resident expert will work with you to create the perfect logo that embodies the soul of your site.

Color and Font Consulting

You know you want your site to be orange, white, and blue, but there are just SO MANY different oranges, whites, and blues! We will assist you in finding the perfect color palette for your site and in choosing which colors should be used where. And who cares what kind of font you use? We do. You do. And your viewers do. We will help you decide which font fits best on your site.

Social Media Consultation and Set-up

When should you use Facebook? How do you get your message across on Twitter? Do you really need all these things? How do you update everything at once? Are smart phones really smart? We will take you through each area of social media and help you decide what is best for you and your business. Not every business is the same, and neither is every type of social media!

Universal Google Analytics Set-up and Integration

What good is a website if you don’t know who’s looking at it? We will set up your Google Analytics account, integrate it with your website, and show you all the exciting things you can learn about your viewers!

Email Marketing Set-up and Consultation

You know e-newsletters bring in business. But how do you set it up? What service do you use? How do you put that cute little sign-up box on your website? We have all the answers!

Content Creation

No time to write catchy blurbs or translate your notes into an article? My Website Angel can help! With extensive experience in writing of all types, we will gladly assist you in composing any of the writing needed for your website.

Content Editing

Don’t want to hire an editor to check over the content for your site? Want to add more SEO-friendly terms to your articles? Need to optimize your photos and videos for the web but have no idea how? The Angels are here to help make your content web-friendly, easy to read, and just plain spiffy.

Photo and Video Editing and Optimization

Have a bunch of footage that you’ve just never put together? Need some schmancy motion graphics added to your videos? Not sure how to best optimize your videos for the web? Youtube, Vimeo, what do they all mean? We will guide you through all video-related questions and provide editing and motion graphics services as needed. And why do your photos take so long to load on your website? Because they haven’t been properly optimized for the web. We also offer retouching and other photo editing services.

Résumés and Cover Letters

Head over to our friends at for fantastic résumé and cover letter services!